Wedding at Trocadero Arena, Marbella | Isa & Alistair

There are weddings that you know from minute zero that will be incredible, that’s what happened to us with Isa & Alistair’s wedding at the Trocadero Arena in Marbella. We are lovers of the small details … Start with the groom’s preparations and find the friends ironing his suit, capture the moments of drinking a few beers before the wedding, matching bridesmaids and men of honor, to celebrate the wedding at sunset, in the same place, without haste … it all adds up.

And without forgetting the place … we think that the environment is 50% of a wedding and the Trocadero Arena in Marbella is a great 50%. Located next to the beach and in colonial style, it is the perfect place to feel comfortable and enjoy the sunset. The venue makes all the guests feel happy, they can enjoy the outdoors and feel at home.

Thanks couple for making it so easy, so beautiful and so amazing.

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