wedding at rancho del ingles malaga

Wedding at Rancho del Ingles, Malaga | María & Gary

I really wanted to show you this wedding at Rancho del Ingles in Malaga. If you asked me for a location for a rural wedding in Malaga, I would recommend this place without hesitation. A country house with a vintage touch that perfectly preserves its essence.

I remember discussing this with the event organizers and I couldn’t find the words to describe it. One thing is for sure: at Rancho del Ingles they know how to make things flow naturally. And that is what makes the place genuine, something I always pursue with my wedding photography. I think it can be seen in all the pictures of the details and the atmosphere that I’ve included.

As a wedding photographer in Malaga I always recommend to all my couples that they celebrate everything in a single place: you’ll be more relaxed because you already are in the place where everything happens. Here’s my advice: be comfortable and enjoy your big day!

María & Gary decided to do everything in one place and it couldn’t have been better. All in a single place makes it close and cozy, as every wedding should be. Children enjoy even more playing around, adults can relax and everything just flows. The couple was there the day before the wedding and we didn’t miss the chance to capture these pre-wedding or barbecue moments, as we like to call them. Just imagine getting up and being already in the place you’re getting married!

At the wedding, María was wearing a gorgeous dress by Márquez & Márquez embellished by Carmen María Mayz birds’ embroidery, and amazing boots by Pura López. Then, something that surprised and pleased me: her sister was in white too! I love this kind of details because they break with tradition. Gary was wearing a suit by the London brand George’s Tailors. Flower arrangements and the bride’s bouquet were beautifully made by Chemen Decoración as well as Pili Reina’s make up and Yoli’s hairdressing.

And so, between one scene and the other everything falls into place. I must admit that it wasn’t easy to take pictures of Gary during our little photoshoot after the ceremony. There was a language barrier between us but when María smiled at Gary his face would light up. Thank you María for your wonderful smile!

Thank you, guys, for letting me be a part of your wedding and thank you to Rancho del Ingles for making my job easier!

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Xabier Lopez 10:12 August 2, 2017 Reply
Absolutamente completa y genial!!
    danielmarquez 12:28 August 2, 2017 Reply
    Gracias caballero!! Un abrazo enorme!
Jorge Márquez 13:50 August 2, 2017 Reply
Que bueno eres!!! Genial!
    danielmarquez 14:20 August 2, 2017 Reply
    Gracias Jorge!!
Jose San Photography 22:23 August 15, 2017 Reply
Muy buena Daniel. Crack!!!!
    danielmarquez 23:33 August 15, 2017 Reply
    Gracias Jose! Un placer :)

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