wedding at old cortijo montero

Wedding at Antiguo Cortijo de Montero, Malaga | Rebeca & Matt

I love stories forged slowly, like this Wedding in Antiguo Cortijo de Montero. A Rural House with Arabic distinctive, but with the unmistakable stamp of an Andalusian country house located in Campillos (Málaga). A Rural Wedding in Andalusia that takes us to another time where everything felt more natural, closer. Where every bit of time was enjoyed. If you read other stories on my page you will see that this philosophy of life is a maxim that I repeat constantly in my work. As a sign from the house itself read with a poem by José Antonio Muñoz Rojas: “Only by returning to the countryside did men find the best of themselves”

I remember my childhood between the fields of my paternal grandparents and the old street of my maternal grandparents. And this Family Wedding moves me there, to my own life. As a Wedding Photographer I always look for those details, those crumbs of bread in time as I call them, experiences full of stories to tell them through my photographs.

Feelings that come from far away. Matt is Australian, Rebeca is Salvadoran and their wedding was half a planet away. An intimate wedding surrounded by the most beloved members of their families. With Rebeca I exchanged innumerable emails since they did not arrive until the same week of their wedding. As their families still did not know each other, they opted for the best possible decision: to reserve a full week the rural lodging. I love weddings like that, weddings with love, handmade weddings where the whole family participates. Where, after all, it is not only a matter of participating in a great ceremony but also of creating it, of living it from within, of being a part of the couple.

Thank you, thank you very much for everything! I’m looking forward to seeing you again !!


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