Míriam & Juande



We met Daniel at our friend’s wedding. We loved how natural his pictures looked, so we didn’t hesitate when we got engaged. Besides being a great professional, he’s an incredible person that makes you feel like “he isn’t there”, no awkward moments.

He took enough time to get to know us, to see what we liked, what we didn’t and how was our wedding location in order to make our big day more relaxed, enjoyable and fast! We didn’t want to lose too much time posing, and the pictures he took in the limited time available were splendid.

He answers all your questions with a smile and reassuring words, no matter how many there are.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Daniel! We’d choose him over and over!

Alex & Lee



Daniel was a great choice of photographer for our wedding, from start to finish the attention to detail he was so attentive.

We flew over from England for 24 hours and he kindly met us to discuss how everything would work on the day and the questionnaire about ourselves was a personal touch and very professional in which it helped Daniel to realise what sort of people we are and personalise the photos taken for our wedding. Would highly reccomend!

Rebeca & Matt



I met Rebeca & Matt through Skype since there wasn’t any other option. She’s Salvadoran and he’s Australian, and, even though they both live in Chile, they decided to celebrate their wedding in Campillos, a small town in Malaga.

I think distance cannot separate what love and union creates in our hearts, and I couldn’t feel more identified with their wedding. A simple wedding in a country house away from the city, a perfect place to gather friends and close relatives. It was such a magical celebration! This is their testimony:

“My first words were: ‘I’m not photogenic’, but Daniel made me feel comfortable, and everything just flowed naturally. I can say it was an incredible experience: he arrived early in order to meet us and took some time to visit our wedding location. My family and friends were delighted with his charm. The result has left us breathless, our most valuable memories are so well captured! I’d definitely recommend his services, not only because the quality of his work but also because Daniel is a great person. We’re thinking about the next photo shoot!”

Laura & Andrea



Our experience with them was great. I had known Daniel for years and knew that if I ever got married, he would be my photographer because I love his style. Both at the pre-wedding and on the wedding day they made us feel very comfortable and relaxed, free to be ourselves naturally. On the wedding day it wasn’t just photographers, it was friends who were there to lend a hand in whatever needed to be done and the presence of both of them there made me feel much more confident. Inma & Daniel are two wonderful people and I am so glad they joined us on such an important day for us. The photos speak for themselves, their strong point is the naturalness and the emotional charge they carry. If you are a special couple and you want them to capture your essence, don’t hesitate!

Alicia & Antonio



/ Alicia

They’re artists! Only people with humility and sensitivity for the small details can take the photographs that you have so carefully given us of our wedding day.

Daniel and his team gave us a lot of peace of mind to count on them. They were there from the beginning to the end, almost imperceptible, but not a single emotional moment of our day escaped him! Great storytellers! THANK YOU

/ Antonio

Image poets… Daniel Márquez & Co know how to get their camera to those places that make memories unforgettable. Breaking moulds and classicisms, they fill with their characteristic light every frame, every story they tell us. And above all, they are great professionals and great people, natural and close, of those who are already less. One does not get married every day, so try to put yourselves in such good hands as these!

Macarena & Javi



Daniel Marquez & Co… or how you can be lucky enough to meet the best photographers in the world. You only have to look at the website to end up in love with their work. I recommend it without hesitation.

Don’t go thinking that they are just photographers who come to your wedding to take pictures, they are people and professionals with an incredible sensitivity who empathize from the moment they meet you until they take into account all the details to the smallest that are important to you. They give you advice, help you and make you feel that everything will be great.

And without a doubt, excellence is in the details, that’s why their work is sublime, when you see the photographs you realize that they speak for themselves, and that what you were looking for on your wedding day that would speak for you and that would be simple, special and unique, you have achieved it. They will exceed your expectations, for sure.

Lidia & Dennis



More than photographers, they’re artists!

Each person has a gift, the team of Daniel Marquez & Co has the gift of immortalizing feelings and sensations, we had never known people capable of doing all this. Their photographs are works of art in their purest form, those works that move you and give you goose bumps.

They are nice and easy to connect with people… they try and feel what they do. Besides… it’s quite a sight to see them work.

Thank you because every time I see my wedding day photographs again, I relive everything… I relive every smile and every tear, every hug, every handshake and every look… Thank you for giving us this wonderful memory, we will be grateful to you all our lives.

Rebeca & Cj


A few weeks after receiving the photos I am still going through them everyday, I feel that every time I look at them I see something different, the people in the background, more detail…. They are absolutely beautiful and you have captured every details so beautifully! Your photographs capture the fun, laughter, friendship and most importantly love of all our nearest and dearest and every time I look at the photos I relive that moment! I can’t thank you enough they are incredible and we can’t stop looking at them…..

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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