Nowadays, it isn’t common (even if it still happens) to find photographers that sell albums, printed copies or any other extra, forcing you to use their services. I don’t like these customs. That’s why I deliver all my pictures in high quality and without any watermark, so you are free to do whatever you want with those pictures.

However… if you’re looking for something different, similar to my photography style, I’m sure you’ll like this. Following my style that you all know well, I’ve created a series of fine art details to complement your memories.

Album Book

“The book of stories”

In my search for naturalness I tried to create a simple but deep album, a photo book with a linen cover, printed dust jacket, and elegant layout underlining the most important thing: your pictures. It’s available in two different sizes and it comes with a handmade wood box to protect it. If you need it, there are other sizes, copies with extra pages, and parents’ copies.

WetLand Box

“The magic box”

My grandma always kept her pictures and her most important memories inside an old wooden box. This handmade wooden box is inspired by that idea. If you choose the complete wedding option, you’ll have this box with 15 pictures size 15×20 cm printed on natural paper with museum quality that will last all your life. Also included is a pen drive with all your edited pictures in maximum resolution and without watermarks.

Leaf Frame

“A window to the story”

Directly from the deep forest… The wooden Leaf Frame is handmade with the best materials, it’s age resistant and it will give a special touch to your house. It’s available in different sizes: 40×30 cm, 50×50 cm, 60×40 cm, and 100×50 cm.