Hey there!

My Story

Thank you for being here. My name is Daniel Márquez, and, even though I live in Estepona (a small town between Malaga & Cadiz), I travel around Andalusia and Spain as a wedding photographer. Before talking about your story, I want to share a piece of mine with you.

I grew up on an old street where the sun always shined. A street of jasmine and lemon trees, aged doors, spinning tops, marbles, lime painted walls chipped by ball games. A street where you could smell, see and touch the summer. A street where the only concern children could have while playing was to stop when a car passed. A street where dogs sleep under the sun, cats run scared and grandparents endlessly chat in terraces, porches or balconies. A street invaded by the smell of stews being cooked, swallows in the sky and the unique feeling that the world could be summed up in one street. One imperfect but genuine space that gives rise to what we are.

Actually, there isn’t much to tell. I was a lively boy that never knew (or wanted to know) what to do in the future. I get moved by small details. I get lost watching a curtain swinging, the lines drawn by the river’s water, or a light ray through a window creating a play of light and shadow. I have faith in humanity. I think we are a huge family made up of more than seven billion people that… still needs to lose many things, to leave aside differences and give value to what they already have. I cannot change the world, but I can make a difference in my little universe and the 6-7 people that orbit around me.

But, above all… I think we cannot tell stories without living them, and life is a journey that starts and finishes at the same point. To me, being a wedding photographer in Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, or Pekin, is just circumstantial. What is more, photography itself is circumstantial. It is an excuse to do what I do and to be who I am. An excuse to give my best, an excuse to live, to breathe, to dream, and to be surrounded by amazing people. An excuse to love what I do: feeling and telling stories. So yes, wedding photography is an excuse to do wedding photography.

Your story

When a couple chooses me to immortalize such a special day, I feel truly honored. I can’t find the words to describe the feeling of being there witnessing everything. At some weddings, I feel like being among friends or my own family. I have a long-term bond of affection with many couples.

I always give pieces of advice to all my couples. First: enjoy. Second: I can’t do this without you. Every wedding is different, and in the end, you get your own result through me… I just embellish it with a bow, click a button, and share the story you already created.

That’s exactly why if you wanted advice for your wedding, I’d tell you to look at yourselves, to do what you really feel. Ask yourselves what you want for yourselves, because that’s the only thing that will remain for the future. Do as you like and be as comfortable as possible. The day is yours!

I’ll be there from the beginning until the end, reflecting your story with my own style, capturing those elusive details. I’ll capture the butterflies in the stomach, hugs that go through the soul, songs between one drink and the other, knowing looks, concerts in a summer night, and dreams in the air. I will be there, if you let me, from beginning to end, looking for a piece of your story.

Engagement & Post wedding

We have two options to start the story and only one to give the final touch. The first option is having a cup of coffee or a cold beer, and a good chat. If you live abroad we can start with Skype, but coffee or beer will still be important. I want to get to know you better because I cannot be at your wedding without first meeting you.

The second option could be to schedule an engagement session. It is a moment that I love because you’re at the beginning and you can seize the moment.

After the engagement session, some couples told me that it was useful to have a moment of introspection.

If you like adventurous journeys, the post wedding could give the final touch. A photo shoot / elopement in a special place, no matter how far, with your wedding day attire on. You’ll need an accommodation to be able to change your clothes and maybe stay there for a weekend. We can plan it together or you can leave it in my hands and get a surprise!