engagement in the forest

Engagement in the Forest | Laura & Andrea

“Whenever time stops, my convictions get out of me looking to take roots in the deepest roads of my soul. My work will be a mix of emotions, passions and moments of clarity. I hope you’ll see from the top of the tallest tree not only my success but also the effort behind it. All those moments where you sow, the patience and determination I invested, my nails dirty because of the hard work, my wrinkles carved by life. Every drop of sweat, every doubt, while looking after the sprout so it could became a stem and then a flower”

As a wedding photographer, half of my work is the engagement sessions and I’m really grateful for it. I always say they are one of the main reasons why I’m a wedding photographer. To take a walk with the couple without worrying about the time, discovering new places, or just exploring known places with a new perspective, allows me to know the couple better before the wedding.

Laura and Andrea: she’s Spanish and he’s Italian, and they’ll celebrate their wedding in a few months. For the engagement session we chose Estepona’s mountains because she used to live in this town, and I thought this kind of landscape was perfect for them.

It was a pleasure to get lost and try some experimental photography with them. I think it was a great opportunity for them to get out and relax in front of the camera, revealing their true selves. Thank you for believing in me! See you soon!