Sesión de Embarazo en la Playa | Vero & Momo
Cuando Vero me dijo que quería su sesión de embarazo (o premamá) cerca del agua yo solo podía pensar ¿y por qué no tambien dentro del agua? Entonces esa foto de ella y su pequeño divida por el limite del mar ya estaba ahí incluso antes de hacerla... desde el primer momento. Igual que estaban ahí esas dos vidas, esas dos visiones, enlazadas, unidas por un fino hilo inseparable. Un hilo que atraviesa todo tiempo y todo espacio para recordarnos que somos trazos de otros trazos, recuerdos de otros recuerdos, vidas de otras vidas.
Wedding photographer in Malaga | Macarena & Javi
One of the best things that could happen to a wedding photographer in Malaga is to meet a couple as lovely as Macarena & Javi. When I first met them for coffee, I immediately knew their wedding would be special. How could it not be when a couple’s wedding preparations are filled with so much effort and love? They are honest and open people, so loving and committed, and they gave me complete artistic freedom. What else could I ask for? Macarena & Javi chose Rancho del Ingles in Malaga, perhaps in part because I couldn't stop talking about my love for this place! It’s one of the best wedding locations you can find in Malaga, and it com ...
wedding at rancho del ingles malaga
Wedding at Rancho del Ingles, Malaga | María & Gary
I really wanted to show you this wedding at Rancho del Ingles in Malaga. If you asked me for a location for a rural wedding in Malaga, I would recommend this place without hesitation. A country house with a vintage touch that perfectly preserves its essence. I remember discussing this with the event organizers and I couldn't find the words to describe it. One thing is for sure: at Rancho del Ingles they know how to make things flow naturally. And that is what makes the place genuine, something I always pursue with my wedding photography. I think it can be seen in all the pictures of the details and the atmosphere that I've included. As ...
post wedding torcal de antequera
Post wedding at El Torcal de Antequera
“We’ve been here for millions of years. We’ve witnessed things that no human would believe. We’ve seen time shake, malleable, through each one of our cracks. We’ve heard wars, whispers of revolution, the slow pace of a farmer working his land. We’ve learned to recognize desires when they break into our caves. Love, a promise… It took hundreds of years to understand all of this. Now it’s carved in our skin. Now we know that the stars are only a reflection of our soul and they are what guide our destiny.” ... The first time I visited El Torcal in Antequera it was love at first sight so I really wanted to use it for a post wedding photo shoot. ...
Encarni & Manuel | Maternity session in Malaga
Witnessing such a special moment and capturing the memories of someone yet to be born makes my work so meaningful. Thank you, guys. Can't wait to meet Olivia!
Engagement Session in Tarifa, Cadiz
Engagement Session in Tarifa, Cadiz | Irene & Pablo
I love weddings, but engagement sessions are one of my favourite things because I can truly be myself and the couple connect in a different and deeper way. I like discovering new places, improvising and experimenting, seeing how everything flows naturally. I always tell all my couples that an engagement session is like taking a relaxing walk. Whatever happens, one thing is clear: I know where to start but I never know where we will end up. For this session we started in Chiclana marshland, Cadiz, at noon. I wanted to explore that zone and the result couldn’t have been better. Irene & Pablo were so natural, they really seized the mom ...
wedding at old cortijo montero
Wedding at Antiguo Cortijo de Montero, Malaga | Rebeca & Matt
I love stories forged slowly, like this Wedding in Antiguo Cortijo de Montero. A Rural House with Arabic distinctive, but with the unmistakable stamp of an Andalusian country house located in Campillos (Málaga). A Rural Wedding in Andalusia that takes us to another time where everything felt more natural, closer. Where every bit of time was enjoyed. If you read other stories on my page you will see that this philosophy of life is a maxim that I repeat constantly in my work. As a sign from the house itself read with a poem by José Antonio Muñoz Rojas: "Only by returning to the countryside did men find the best of themselves" I remember my c ...
Sesión de embarazo en Almería
Sesión de Embarazo en Almería | María & Juan
"Donde el viento nos lleve, donde el sol nos acompañe, donde todas los días se vivan junto a ti." Tenia muchas ganas de publicar esta sesión de embarazo en Almería. Más concretamente en la isleta del moro y en la playa de los escullos en pleno cabo de gata. Una tierra que me encanta por su luz del atardecer y donde siempre parece moverse el viento. Ya había tenido una Sesión de Postboda en esta tierra con María & Juan. Y es una alegría repetir esta vez con su sesión de embarazo. Estas oportunidades hacen que me sientan como un fotógrafo de familias 100%. Eso es algo de lo que me siento realmente privilegiado porque son parejas a las q ...
family session photo marbella
Family photo session in Marbella
I met Benedetta thanks to his sister Guiulia. She contacted me from Italy, to give Benedetta a Family Photo Session together with her daughters in Marbella. Definitely an original birthday gift. And also a good excuse to walk on the beach, hug, laugh and jump! Of course, always in a natural environment, whether in the countryside or on the beach, I always recommend that the sessions be photographed outdoors. I 'm the first one who does not feel comfortable between four walls, hehe. The most important thing for me is to feel the air, explore new places and open the door to the imagination. And we did that. As a photographer of stories, I ...
wedding photographer nerja
Intimate wedding in Nerja | Ingrid & Ryan
Since the first time I met Ingrid & Ryan I knew this was going to be a very special wedding. I had a confirmation during their engagement session in Fuengirola. You have to be special to join United States with Brazil, mixing cultures, thoughts… but keeping the same feeling, a love without borders… It’s really nice when a couple choose me to be their wedding photographer in Malaga or wherever a real story wait to be told. You can see that feeling in my pictures, because they don’t choose me, they choose to see themselves through my pictures. This intimate wedding in Nerja was surrounded by friends and close relatives (only 16 guests ...
wedding at llanos de belvis
Wedding in Los Llanos de Belvis | Pili & Yahvé
Today, we bring you a wedding in Llanos de Belvis. Between two countries, a sea of infinite roads here join into one. Between Africa and Europe, a lovely Finca in Marbella. The lands in the south are full of light; they captivate you and win your heart. I love the kind of weddings where everything happens in one place, where everything’s already there even if every time is different, like acts of a play. A vintage wedding in Marbella where colours prevailed, a luxury for a photographer who loves details. Have you ever seen a groom getting dressed in the same room as the bride? Or groom and bride arriving together to the ceremony? Come and see ...
Preboda en el Torcal de Antequera
Love Session en el Torcal de Antequera | Rossella & Maxi
Nunca podría interesarme un paisaje más como un fin que como el medio para llegar hasta donde realmente quiero, hasta donde realmente necesito llegar. Dentro de ese laberinto donde todas las metáforas de la vida confluyen en una sola y proyectamos en ese ultimo rayo de sol que se escapa por los surcos de esa piedra angosta lo que somos, un fugaz instante de la historia. Hay luces que se quedan grabada en la retina etérea de esa mirada profunda. Allí donde la piel crepita, donde el pulso se reafirma, donde la respiración se aventura a descubrir nuevos caminos, nuevos mundos, nuevos versos para expresar lo inexpresable; para así regresar allí, ...