Wedding at Casa la Siesta, Vejer | Anna & Sam
We really wanted to publish the celebration of this Wedding at Casa de la Siesta, a traditional "Cortijo" with a clear Andalusian touch between Vejer de la Frontera and Medina Sidonia. The atmosphere could not be more ideal, 100% describing our style of wedding photography. As they say on the Boutique Hotel website: "we provide an incomparable setting to escape, relax and enjoy the luxury of tranquility and exclusivity" We could not be more in line with this statement. When Anna & Sam, both from the United Kingdom, contacted us, we knew that their wedding would have that point of exclusivity and intimacy ... but also rural and wild, typ ...
Wedding at Cortijo la Alameda, Granada | Coro & Luis
Cada vez que regresamos a Granada sentimos que de alguna manera volvemos a casa. Las tapas, el ambiente, los callejones fríos, la historia que se siente entre sus paredes. Coro & Luis decidieron casarse en la ciudad que se conocieron y consolidar su unión a escasos metros donde comenzó todo. Allí, rodeados de sus familiares y sus amigos, donde el frio baja por el rio y el sol lo abriga todo. Coro se vistió en el Hotel Shine Albayzinm con unas vistas espectaculares de todo el paseo de los Tristes y de la Alhambra, a tiro de piedra de la Iglesia De San Pedro y San Pablo. Y desde allí al Cortijo la Alameda, en pleno corazón de Secaderos d ...
Wedding at Nikki Beach, Marbella | Laura & Alba
Laura & Alba celebrated their beautiful wedding at the amazing Nikki Beackh in Marbella, a magnificent venue located on the seashore, with the sound of the waves in the background, in Marbella, accompanied by the most loved family and friends. A wedding full of emotions, fun and the happiness of being together embarking on a new path and a new story. Thanks couple for being like you are and giving us so much love.   / Slideshow     / Story
Rural Wedding in Málaga | Cristina & Gerard
The wedding that we show you takes place at the Finca de Santa Sofía, in Cártama (Málaga). It was an amazing wedding because Cristina & Gerard are great. A Rural wedding, in Andalusia, land of fields, sun and salt. Many details were handmade by them. Everyone vibrated on the same frequency. We enjoyed as children from the preparations to the final party. We love that ... let everything happen ... that is so real to capture it like this ... without intervening in anything. Because that's how it should be ... free, wild, true.
Weddding Photographer in Granada | Megan & Kyle
"A party, a moment, a race against time, a mark left by a memory, an excuse for not having any excuse, a reason, a celebration...  To have grapes for breakfast, to let the light be the owner, to feel echoes of heels and clapping hands, to fly between colours, to live your life... to be the light..." … When Megan & Kyle contacted me telling me that they were recommended by Rebecca & Matt (look at their wedding here) I knew that their wedding was going to be special. We feel lucky and fortunate to be wedding photographers already... being able to be the photographers of a friend of a friend's wedding is quite a privilege. That's worth ...
wedding photographer in cordoba, spain
Wedding Photographer in Cordoba, Spain | Irene & Pablo
I am very happy to be a Wedding Photographer in Cordoba, Spain. Specifically in the excellent cortijo la vieja cigarra. All thanks to an incredible couple that opened the doors of their heart. They did not stop smiling and celebrate their love in no time. And finally it rained rice and the sun stung, and bottles were uncorked. And finally they cried with excitement, the joy erupted, they danced with passion, kept hugging, kissing and loving each other as in that hidden beach of Tarifa. Thank lovely couple for showing yourselves so naturally, just as you are. Wedding Photographer in Córdoba, Spain | Place: Cortijo La Vieja Cigarra | Dress: ...
Wedding in Marbella, The Farm | Alex & Lee
Alex & Lee are from England, but decided to celebrate their wedding with their closest friends and family at The Farm Restaurant in Marbella . I've had the opportunity to witness a wedding in The Farm Restaurant in Marbella before and, to be honest, for me it’s one of the best places in Malaga to celebrate a wedding. It’s the best choice even if you aren’t from Andalusia but want to dive into its culture! The Farm Restaurant is perfect for such an event, it has a typical Andalusian patio (I love how the light filters through my pictures in these places), Mediterranean food, and an irresistibly charming decoration. There are even animals ...
boda iglesia de los remedios estepona
Wedding at Tikitano Beach, Estepona | Alicia & Antonio
I couldn't be happier to immortalise the union of our friends Alicia & Antonio during their wedding at Tikitano Beach, Estepona. Once in a while I get the chance to work in my own city. It feels strange, more like visiting a nearby friend than actually working. Alicia & Antonio excitedly asked us to be their wedding photographers, especially Inma Naroi, my life and photography partner. Knowing it was gonna be a long day, we started early. An easterly wind saved us from the oppressive heat while the summer scent delicately embraced us. Laughs, applause, tears, and nerves overwhelmed everyone as Antonio sang to Alicia. Their chosen chu ...
boda en iglesia abandonada
Engagement session at an abandoned church | Flavia & Juanma
These are Flavia & Juanma, a couple prepared to give their best in a different kind of engagement session at an abandoned church in Andalusia, Spain. And here, lost in time, we want to emphasise that the best stories not always have an order. There are as many ways to tell them as moments that create them.. Thank you, wish you all the best!
wedding photographer in fuengirola
Wedding Photographer in Fuengirola | Miriam & Juande
I really wanted to publish this Wedding in Fuengirola, Spain, by the hand of Miriam & Juande. An incredible couple that I already knew about two previous weddings, first in Almería and then in Málaga. I love that. When a couple comes from another wedding is like having the feeling that you've been there before and now you're telling a similar story but from another perspective. I recognize that the nerves increase because the expectation is greater, but it is enjoyed twice being surrounded by people you already know or have photographed. Luckily at this wedding Kino Ortega  accompanied me a great friend and professional colleague, w ...
boda en cartama
Wedding at Finca Santa Sofia, Cartama | Laura & Andrea
When I think about this wedding at Finca Santa Sofia (Cartama, Malaga), what comes to mind are the first days of summer. To me, the Finca and its surroundings were the perfect place to celebrate a wedding. It’s exactly what I want for my wedding photography, a place surrounded by nature. In my opinion, the decision Laura & Andrea made for their wedding day plan was great: preparation, wedding ceremony and reception all in the same place. I talked at length about this arrangement in other posts so I won’t expand on this point. I think I’ll end up adding it to my website’s advice section. Laura is Spanish and Andrea comes from Italy, ...
engagement in the forest
Engagement in the Forest | Laura & Andrea
“Whenever time stops, my convictions get out of me looking to take roots in the deepest roads of my soul. My work will be a mix of emotions, passions and moments of clarity. I hope you’ll see from the top of the tallest tree not only my success but also the effort behind it. All those moments where you sow, the patience and determination I invested, my nails dirty because of the hard work, my wrinkles carved by life. Every drop of sweat, every doubt, while looking after the sprout so it could became a stem and then a flower” … As a wedding photographer, half of my work is the engagement sessions and I’m really grateful for it. I always say ...