We are what we become… Little pieces of history as Galeano would say, the dreamt of in Borges’ dream. We are what we leave in others: memories of a life immortalized in moments. We are life, passion, LOVE, madness and calm. We are the stories we tell and those that speak of us.

There are three of us, maybe four soon. What does it matter… We’re every couple you’ve ever put your heart into our work. We are (as Walt Whitman would say) crowds CROWDS. We are three friends, three adventurers, three photographers. We’re parents, teachers, dreamers… We like to simmer stories, devour Netflix series, listen to children’s stories and read books on quantum physics.We like to leave hot coffee cups all over the house, the smell of wet ground and a barbecue with the family on Sundays. And just in case you doubted it… we are also IMPERFECT.

Yes, you heard right… “imperfect.” You won’t hear this in “about me” from another photographer. And although it may sound strange… we look for that imperfection, that singularity that sometimes happens, that something unforeseen that makes everything perfectly imperfect. Isn’t that Love? 

That is why we are those who were not born with a camera under our arm but who became history after history, carved out of beautiful coincidences. That’s why we are sincere, natural, real… and we transfer those qualities to our photography. That’s why we are the ones who plan every last detail so that, on the day of the wedding, we don’t have to look at any planning. That’s why we love being able to meet with you, either by video call or in person, so that you can tell us that little piece of your great story. That’s why we are and why we are here: so that you can tell us who you are, how you met, what ideas you have for your wedding day.

We will be happy to read and send you aaaaaall the information about our services and rates. Just leave us your details and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We are just one “SEND” away from starting to tell your story, so why not make it happen?

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