About us

Hi, I’m Daniel Márquez and I’m really happy that you are reading me. Although I am from Estepona (a small village halfway between Málaga and Cádiz in southern Spain) I travel all over the world looking for love stories to immortalize through my camera.

If you had read this section a few years ago I would have continued like this, talking about me, but it is not possible anymore, because now it is not me, we are US. A team of people dedicated and dedicated to offer you the best, to be there, to feel and understand your adventures. A team that I am proud to lead and be part of.

A team that, like all teams, has a special person … my partner in life and work Inma Naroi, without which none of this would be possible. Almost half of the work you see on this website belongs to her. To her belong the wedding nights, the changes in our work, her clinical eye for the new additions, the “what photo do you like the most, is it or is it?”, The car, plane or boat hours and the satisfaction of knowing that we are keeping the memories of many people in small wooden boxes.

A team that also has its central pillar: You, to the extent that you make our work possible. So, if you would like us to keep your story, tell us a little about you and what plans you have for the future. We are looking forward to hearing from you!